Artist: Carcass
Album: Surgical Remission / Surplus Steel

Year: 2014
Genrer: Death'n'Roll
Run time: 17 minutes
My rating: 1.5 out of 5

When Carcass arose from the slab once again I was very reluctant to the point that I almost didn't care but I had an opportunity to listen to Surgical Steel way before it's release and that album changed my mind big time. The band brought shovels and started to search for their old roots and coutos to them for they at least got halfway.

So now we shall see if they can continue in that way or if the dirt started to fill up the hole with once. Surgical Remission/Surplus Steel Starts with the song A Wraith In The Apparatus and it takes a couple of seconds until I understand that we are back to Heartwork again, catchy riffage and safe melodic, repetetive mid pace death metal through the whole song, well executed ofcourse but not exciting at all.

Intensive Battery Brooding sounds pretty brutal, well that´s just the title, the music goes from Heartwork and get´s stuck about 75% until it reaches Swansong. The rock tunes are very dominant here and this is probably how it would sound if they would make their last album in the same style once more, it does have a catchy chorus and takes on a little faster pace in the ending,  but for some reason Bill and Jeff sounds tired and the duo vocal parts doesn´t seem to fit that well.

Zochrot, well what can I say about this one, I think I've said it all actually, Heartwork, Swansong, catchy riffs, melodies, midpaced tempo, well executed and tired snarling vocals. I'm not even going to bring up the last instrumental track 1985 (Reprisal) so I'll just go to the song Livestock Marketplace and leave it there and yes the Rock´n Roll spirit is strong within this one, so strong that even the vocals lights up and almost passes as something close to clean in a punky way when the chorus kicks in, I actually liked that part. This was not what I expected at all but at least I got something new to listen to


Band members:
Jeff Walker - Bass, Vocals
Bill Steer - Guitars, Vocals
Daniel Wilding - Drums

Label: Nuclear Blast
Country: U.K

Bandcamp: https://carcass.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OfficialCarcass