CREEPER / CREEPIES (2016 - 2017)

Directed by: Monte Davis Jr, Jeffery Husselman
Written by: Corissa Gabor, Monte Davis Jr, Jeffery Husselman
Stars: Corissa Gabor, Jeffery Husselman, Keith Ortiz,
          Monte Davis Jr., James Husselman, Olivia Sova-Davis

Year: 2016 | 2017
Genrer: Horror, Short
Run time: 17 min | 16 min
My rating: 3 out of 5

Grammabum Motion Pictures are an indie company which deserves your support. This crew put out some utter underground gold and unlike outdated milk continue to get better with age. Their full length film Pay To Play oozes wit and style like a good case of herpes. This time around they've continued on their insane quest in short film making by offering up a sequel to their original short Creeper. Both of these shorts are worth your time and possess that quirky ass humor and explicit violence/gore Grammabum have made their trademark. The tag team duo of Jeffery Husselman and Monte Davis Jr. concoct some great offbeat story lines and scenarios with the help of the lovely Corissa Gabor in this pair of entertaining shorts.

The original Creeper features a dude played by Jeffery Husselman who has hired an escort and is impatiently awaiting her arrival. Husselman is great in the role, equal parts pathetic, horny, charming and desperate. When the escort played by Corissa Gabor does show up all seems well until Gabor's character slips something into Husselman's wine and renders him unconscious. Upon waking up Husselman's character finds himself in a dungeon-like location tied to a chair. He is mutilated and tortured and it seems as if this crew of deviants including a wrestling lucha libre-like mask wearing character provide's Gabor's muscle in the abductions.

This group of miscreants share a hatred for men and feed them to this big tooth tentacle monster after they get their jolly's off on torturing them. The first Creeper is a nasty little short mixing equal parts torture, classic junk like The Deadly Spawn and its own eccentric demeanor to deliver a nice little complete package. Some well done gore in this one but personally the most effective sequence involves Husselman getting strangled to death in a rather intense and harrowing scene which I believe deserves some kind of award for best acting in the category of a strangulation, its intense!

Ratings: 3.5 for Creeper


The second installment just recently released titled Creepies follows much along the same line but they intensify the effects, add some more characters such as plus size bdsm looking masked topless lady (Olivia Sova Davis) with butt cheek exposed fishnet stockings and the alien creatures get more screen time. The sequel basically improves on the previous shorts material and it all works together very well.

The gore effects in this one are particularly nasty including one hell of a literal gut wrenching disembowelment scene as Corissa Gabor and crew are back to share the hatred against mankind again by slowly eradicating them from the earth one painfully agonizing torturous death at a time. It seems this time the brother of the poor bastard in the first is on the menu (by coincidence apparently) and they have a world of pain in store for him. Creepies is probably one of the best horror shorts I've viewed in quite some time from the eccentric music to the visuals and superb do it yourself effects, its a winner.

Contact Grammabum Motion Pictures on Facebook, they are very approachable and responsive. Check out Creeper, Creepies and throw in Pay To Play while your at it for a wholesome evening of dysfunctional family entertainment to top off the scheduled beatings, forced drug use and neglect.

Ratings: 4 for Creepies


Produced by: Grammabum Motion Pictures
Cinematography by: Monte Davis Jr.
Editing by: Charles Fairfeild
Special Effects by: Jeffery Husselman
Music by: Gregory Samsa, Monte Davis Jr
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: Grammabum Motion Pictures